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If you're the type of person who enjoys hunting, fishing, camping or other outdoor activities you've found the website that can truly help you out. We can set you up with a property that will suit your hunting needs or one that will be that perfect "getaway" out in the woods that you and the family can pull a camper into a few times every year to just slow down, relax and unwind.


 Let's start with the whitetail deer that we are blessed with around these parts. In Ripley County Missouri deer season is the big event of the year. Around here the schools are closed for deer season. I can remember a time when the only stores that stayed opened during deer season were the grocery stores and the liquor stores. Nowadays most of the local businessmen try to find someone to" mind the shop" while they're gone hunting.


The firearms deer season runs for a week and a half during the month of November. If bowhunting is you're "thing" you're in luck! Bow season starts September 15th and runs till the end of the year. There is an extended muzzleloader season in December and January. Personally, I  merely "exist" for eleven and a half months every year just so I can "LIVE" those few days of deer season.


Spring turkey season is the next big hunting season around here. It's 3 weeks in the last part of April. Fall turkey season is for the whole month of October. Spring season is gobblers only. Fall season is any bird.(so long as it's a turkey of course)


If small game hunting is your passion then the Missouri backwoods is the place for you. Squirrel and rabbit hunting probably have the largest following. There are a few devoted quail and dove hunters as well. Squirrel season runs from May 26 till February 15. Rabbit season is from Oct. 1 till Feb.15. I myself have spent many, many hours small game hunting in these Missouri backwoods. Rabbit hunting is definitely my favorite although it has been several years since I've had a decent rabbit dog. Rabbits come in two varieties around here. Of course the eastern cottontail is most common. We also have swamp rabbits if you know the right place to look. A mature swamp rabbit is about three times the size of a cottontail. I had heard of swamp rabbits for years from all of the "old timers" but until I killed one myself I had no idea how huge they were. I remember picking that "monster" up. I held his back feet up to my belt-line and his nose was touching the ground. I'm not kidding. They are huge!