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Wooded and Rural Acreage for Hunting and Recreation

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Website still under construction. Photos will be added to the properties page soon.


"Missouri Backwoods" will show you how you can own your own place in the country and take advantage of rural life; own your own hunting getaway and/or use it for retirement later. So if you think it is time to slow your life down for a more secure way of living, or just want to own a piece of the "Heartland" for recreation, think "Missouri Backwoods". We sell  parcels of forested land nestled in the serenity of the Missouri backwoods. 


We're interested in hearing from you. If you don't see what you want, bookmark our site and check back soon or contact us.


For those of you who may not have a very accurate concept of what an acre of   land consists of I'll try to put it in terms that you can better understand. Are you a city dweller? Okay, this is for you. The average city block covers slightly less than two acres of ground. Are you a football player?(even the Monday night, sitting on the couch variety) This description is for you. A football field is slightly larger than one acre. Would you like to own a piece of wilderness the size of two city blocks? How about ten or twenty city blocks!? How about forty football fields? For a whole lot less than you could rent a very few square feet on that city block you can own many, many acres of God's very own handy work. If you're interested, look through this site. If you have any questions contact us.